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See history unfold on an epic journey that starts during Daniel’s captivity in Babylon and traverses over 500 years of history to the Roman Empire and the manger in Bethlehem. It’s a stunning revelation as God’s word comes alive and we see that the Bible was right all along: Christ was born on the exact month, day, and year God intended–and which he revealed.

“Your book is so conversational, I feel like we’re just sitting in a coffee shop, sharing God’s touch on our lives….I really have trouble putting your book down. I’m on page 167, learning a lot and loving it.” John Voehl, Abraham Lincoln presenter and historian.

Piper makes the case that God told us exactly when the Messiah would be born and that the answer is foretold in Scripture, integrated with history, and confirmed by the stars. Hope came at just the right time and this theologically rich paradigm shift in the way we think about the birth of Christ will strengthen your faith in the word of God.  It will prove that everything you have heard about the star of Bethlehem is wrong, but it will also prove that it is better than you have ever imagined.


“Finished your book, it was seriously phenomenal. I loved it from beginning to end and was kind of bummed when I hit the end.”-Scott Putnam, President/CEO of Apex Technology Management

“Book has been read. Oh, my! What a journey. You’ve invited your readers to consider well-researched conclusions all within a humble, enticing presentation of historical, astronomical scientific facts. Your mind must be overwhelmed but you “got er done.” May God be blessed and may this book be widely read and appreciated.”  Bonnie, Woman of God


Click here to go to the “Theology for the People” Podcast and hear Corey Piper’s interview with Nick Cady.


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