About the Author

Since becoming a teacher in 1997, Corey Piper has taught for private Christian schools and currently teaches history, literature, and theology (Omnibus) for Veritas Scholars Academy. His writing appeared in Christian Parenting Today with his first article, “A Tear and a Laugh” in 1996—which also won the Whitworth University writing award. He published his first book, To Conquer Death: Seeing Beyond the Darkness, in 2015. (

Corey has previously lived in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, but he currently resides in Wichita, KS with his wife and children where he has learned to love the flowing beauty of the prairie. His favorite places on earth are the Grand Canyon, Colorado, and the Oregon Coast, where his family heritage is rooted in fishing and dairy farming in the Tillamook Valley.

About the Book

500 Year Journey: From Babylon to Bethlehem will guide readers through history and scripture, traversing a path from the days of Daniel to the birth of Christ. This is a completely different approach than the typical, “What planetary configuration or bright star did the magi see?” approach, and the true miracle will appear at the end of the journey.

Quotes from 500 Year Journey

So let’s be real. This is definitely not your typical Christmas book that seeks to give you warm fuzzies.


Christianity is not founded on esoteric philosophies or mystical visions of the divine, but on the real life, tough, gritty, leathery, unidealized truth.

Chapter 1

The God of the universe, the Creator of heaven and earth, the all-powerful and most merciful Lord God Almighty who with a whisper could wipe us all out of existence, chose instead to humble himself and to become quietly, gently, one of us. Why? To buy us back from the indignity and shame of sin.

Chapter 12

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To Conquer Death

Corey’s first book, To Conquer Death: Seeing Beyond the Darkness, explores the reasons why death is in our world and how two people he deeply loved didn’t lose their lives, but rather conquered death. Visit to order a copy today!