Walking The Tightrope

A Lot of Options

There are A LOT of options out there about when Christ was born. In the comments on my last post multiple dates were suggested other than December 25:

April 6,
the spring,
the fall,
September 15, and
October 7, to name a few.

And I’ve read from other sources,

January 2,
March 21,
April 18,
May 20,
June 17, and
September 11

Furthermore, even the year is up for grabs, scholars putting it anywhere between 7 BC and AD 1. I have been aware for a long time that there has been uncertainty as to when Christ was born, and all of that uncertainty led me to ask, “Why didn’t anyone know? Why were there so many possibilities? How could this be? Christ had to have been born on a certain day – why didn’t we know what day that was?”

Does It Matter?

I know that the date of Christ’s birth doesn’t matter in the ultimate sense of salvation–as if one needs to know the date in order to be saved. I’m not making that case at all. However, I still wanted to know what the answer was. I was curious. Sure it may be lost in the mists of time and we may never know what it is. Fine. At least we can still have confidence that he WAS born and that God became a man to redeem us from our sins. I fully recognize that it is on the cross that he died for our sins, that it is his resurrection which proves he conquered sin and death, and that it is his ascension and the gift of the Holy Spirit which strengthens us and gives us hope–certainty–that he will return in righteousness. But that does not mean the date of Christ’s birth doesn’t matter.

To God be the Glory!

In 500 Year Journey, I humbly present to you my case for when Christ was born. I didn’t really think I’d find an answer (although I hoped I would), nor did I set out to write a book, but over the years as the answer gradually presented itself as I studied scripture and history, I began to realize that Scripture had been pointing to the date of Christ’s birth all along as surely as it had pointed to the date of the crucifixion. The date of the crucifixion doesn’t matter in terms of our salvation either, but it matters nonetheless. It speaks to God’s sovereignty. God told us in the Old Testament exactly when the Messiah would be crucified, and the same is true with the incarnation. The date may not matter in terms of salvation, but it does matter in terms of putting on display God’s amazing plan of salvation. I hope you will be blessed by what God has done. God had a plan. He told us what that plan was in his Word and he implemented that plan in history. 

The Tightrope

God walked a tightrope when he put the birth of his Son when he did. The date could not have been sooner than it was, nor later. It had to happen exactly when it did with no missteps allowed. And the answer is beautiful! My prayer is that instead of being antagonistic toward the suggestion that God told us when his Son would be born, that people will read and be blessed and inspired by God’s power and magnificence. The answer blew me away and I didn’t expect to find what I did. My prayer is that you will also rejoice with exceedingly great joy after you see what God has done.

To God be the glory.

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